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Indonesian Monsooned Malabar Coffee Beans

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Product Description
This Indonesian Monsooned Malabar coffee bean is processed to recreate the affect of open seas travel in the days of old as beans slowly traveled to Europe from Indonesia. These wet-processed beans offer low acidity and exotic, spicy overtones.

  • Indonesian Monsooned Malabar Full City roast coffee beans
  • Beans can be processed up to a year before shipment
  • Heavy-bodied
  • Available in whole beans or ground

This product is part of our 'Main Street Revolution' - a partnership between and small businesses around the USA.

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What is the Main Street Revolution?

Sue Campbell is the owner and head-roaster of Maas Coffee Roasters, a micro-roasterie? in Sandy, Utah. She retired from public safety in January 2008, and after 25 years of public service, she managed to drink a lot of coffee. In that time, she became a coffee 'snob' per se, and vowed that drinking nasty rancid coffee would simply go against her credo. Inspired by her uncle, Sue poured herself into the research, training, planning, etc., needed for opening up a coffee roaster. Sue's niche is to provide affordable gourmet and specialty coffees coupled with eco-friendly practices to minimize her carbon footprint. She purchases a variety of raw green beans from all over the world, with preferences given to countries with relatively progressive human rights records and plantations with ecologically conscious and/or sustainable practices. She specializes in fresh roasting, which means she ships out the beans as soon as the 30-hour de-gassing process is complete. This assures the customer that they are receiving freshly roasted coffee beans.

Product Details




Materials: coffee beans

Catalog #: 12931071

Model No: IMMFC


Dimensions: 7.0x5.0x3.0

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